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Beaut&Beauty Ozone Lifting & Anti-Aging Face Serum

Beaut&Beauty Ozone Lifting & Anti-Aging Face Serum

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KD 49

For all Skin Types

Usage: Apply 2 times a day on clean skin. Available for face and neck.Do not contact with eyes.
Do not exposed to high heat and sunlight.
Warning: There may be a change in physical appearance due to heat exchange. Can solidify in cold. The yield does not create difference.


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Let your skin breathe with activated oxygen (Ozone O3) which is compatible with your skin.
It is recommended to be used as a supporting product in all skin problems.
Ozone which is a chemical form of oxygen with 3 atoms exists in gas form in the nature and protects the world from the harmful solar rays. Ozone is a gift given by the nature for human being (Ozone is called as the “Elixir of Life” in the old data).
The concentration in the ozone formation is produced by passing the medical ozone gas through pure organic olive oil at a certain rate and time.
Thus, unsaturated fatty acids form organic peroxides with very high oxygenation, immunostimulant and anti-infective effects by reacting with OZONE. It is a natural healing resource.

Ozone oil having no side effect is 100% natural also helps to eliminate the damages on the skin. OZONE increases the oxygen stock in the lesions. It does not contain allergen!
An agent called “Oleiprine” in olive oil renews and protects the cells. Olive oil is the source of health and beauty. It feeds, protects and softens the skin.

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    Good product with quality material.

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